Red rubens Apples

HISTORY OF THE red rubens apple

The Red Rubens® apple variety were originally bred in Ferrara, Italy, at the Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti. It is a cross between the Royal Gala (the favorite of the former Queen of England, Elizabeth II) and the Elstar. They were introduced to the European market in 1988. They are now grown in northern Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain (mainly in Kent), South Tyrol, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark


The Red Rubens® apple is one of the most popular apples from Europe and now resides in Pyne Farms orchard. If you like juicy and sweet tart, go for the Red Rubens apple variety. They have a solid white center and are bright with vivid red-orange colored stripes, similar to the Royal Gala. At Pyne Farms, we know how to make sure you will get the royal treatment with this variety. Since it comes on early in the season, this has become a strong competitor for the early apples, including the Gala and Honeycrisp varieties. 

FLAVOR OF A red rubens APPLE

Red Rubens® apples are sweet to the taste with a slight burst of tartness right from the fist bite! They are very similar to the Royal Gala, named by the Queen of England herself, making this a new popular apple variety at local Farmers' Markets along the Wasatch front. 


Red Rubens® apples are best when fresh, and due to their tartness, they are great for those that wish to start making pies before the applepie favorites start coming on in October. Be sure to store them in a cool, dry place to keep them fresh and crispy. They have a longer shelf life than most varieties that are available in early September, making them a great start to the season.