Red Delicious Apples

HISTORY OF THE red delicious apple

The Red Delicious was first discovered in 1875 in a place called Peru, Iowa on a farm owned by Jesse Hiatt. It has been said that Hiatt even tried to plow the tree down upon the first discovery, seeing the tree more as a weed and nuisance than an actual edible apple tree. However the tree proved to be relentless, as it kept coming back. By 1892, Stark Nurseries held a competition to replace the Ben Davis apple, and one of the participants was an apple called "Hawkeye", entered by none other than Hiatt himself from the relentless tree from years before. After winning, Stark Nurseries bought the rights to the tree and renamed it Stark Delicious, which eventually would become Red Delicious. 

ABOUT THE red delicious APPLE

The Red Delicious apple is most famous for its coke bottle like resemblance and its "stark" red appearance, pun intended! Realistically, the Red Delicious has lost its luster with the introduction of sweeter apples, such as the Gala, fuji, and others in recent years, but it is still the most common type of apple people think of when you simply say the word 'apple'. It is sometimes striped, like the original "hawkeye" was when it won back in 1892. Its core is white and buff colored. 

FLAVOR OF A red delicious APPLE

The skin of a Red Delicious has sometimes been described as thick and bitter, but the apple inside is a mild sweet flavor and is one of the more well known apples in the country. 

HOW TO USE YOUR red delicious APPLES

Red Delicious is known as a "classic" in the sense that it is the most common type of apple that people think of when think of apples, so the best use of the Red Delicious is to eat it as is. Another common use of the Red Delicious is in salads, snacking, freezing, and sometimes baking.