honeycrisp Apples

HISTORY OF THE honeycrisp apple

The Honeycrisp apple was cultivated and developed in 1960 in Twin Cities Minnesota at the University of Minnesota. Can you believe at one point the honeycrisp apple was slated to be discarded altogether like its parents? That's right!  You see, the honeycrisp apple is often listed as being a hybrid between the Macoun and Honeygold apples, however, a recent study in 2004 determined that neither one of these apples produced the Honeycrisp apple. What we do know from that study is that the Keepsake apple is one of it's parents  (another variety from the breeding program at the University of Minnesota), but other parents have not been identified (probably because like the honeycrisp at one point in its life, the parents were discarded during the breeding program). Because of this, we may never truly know the other varieties the honeycrisp apple came from - so sad! In 2006, Anderson Elementary School petitioned the state of Minnesota to make the honeycrisp apple the state fruit.  They got their wish when the bill passed a short time later in May of that same year!

ABOUT THE honeycrisp APPLE

This well known apple is one of the most popular apples to simply eat raw. This type of apple has some of the largest cell structures than any other apple, which is why when you bite into a honeycrisp, it will produce a mouthful of juice! So if you like juicy and sweet, go for the honeycrisp apple variety. They have a creamy white center and are usually yellowish red in color. The honeycrisp apple is best when blossom clusters are thinned, thus maintaining the crispness of the apple. At Pyne Farms, we know how to make sure you will get the honey and the crisp, and not just the honey!

FLAVOR OF A honeycrisp APPLE

Honeycrisp apples are sweet to the taste and fill your mouth with a burst of juice right from the fist bite! It is almost like eating apple cider. No wonder they are so popular! They also make up about 80% of most of the cider made by Pyne Farms!


Honeycrisp apples are best when fresh, and due to international programs in New Zealand and other areas, they can now be made available year round. Since the honeycrisp apple is one of the most popular apples in the state of Utah, Pyne Farms wants to make sure you can truly enjoy what this apple variety has to offer. Be sure to store them in a cool, dry place to keep them fresh and crispy. They have a short shelf life, and a short season, so get them while they are crisp!