Granny smith Apples

HISTORY OF THE Granny smith apple

Granny Smith apples have a fun history to them!  It all starts with a woman by the name of Maria Ann Smith, living in Australia in 1868. They actually moved to Australia in 1839 and bought an orchard, where her husband Thomas and Maria cultivated the land. In later years, she was so well known by those in the area, she was affectionately called "Granny" by everyone. In 1868, "Granny" found the apple tree growing near a creek outside her window, where she had been throwing the remains of French crab apples from Tasmania. By that time her husband was an invalid, so she cultivated the new sapling and found that the new apple variety was great for cooking and eating. She took them to the local market in Sydney, where they sold really well. She died a short time later in 1870, but the new variety of apple was a hit. Edward Gallard, a local farmer, bought the Smith farm in 1876 shortly after Thomas passed away, and became very successful at marketing the new apple at local markets. By 1890, it was coined as "Smith's Seedling" in local shows, and by the following year, with the name of "Granny Smith's Seedling", it took first place in 1891 for cooking apples at the Castle Hill Agricultural and Horticultural Show. Because storage was long for these apples, they eventually entered the United States during the First World War, and by 1975, accounted for 40% of all apples grown in Australia!

ABOUT THE granny smith APPLE

The Granny Smith apple is a light green colored apple with white speckles. They have a firm flesh that is usually very white, and do not brown easily at all. These apples typically take longer to mature, so are usually available later in the season. Did you also know that the Granny Smith is high in antioxidants?  That's right! Due to this fact, Granny Smith apples are quite popular among health nuts trying to lose weight. They are also high in dietary fiber and potassium, and can even help calm motion sickness on cruises and boat rides!

FLAVOR OF A granny smith APPLE

Granny Smith apples are known for being tart, and crisp. They will make your mouth water, similar to the way a lemon candy might make you squinch when you first bite into them. 


Granny Smith apples are great for cooking, or just eating raw if you like a tart apple. During the fall season, they are really popular for making caramel apples, and at Pyne Farms, we have smaller version that make for easy caramel apples to enjoy. The sweetness of the caramel contrasted with the tartness makes for a great holiday treat! Granny Smith apples are also popular for making pies and are a great for cider when mixed with other sweet Pyne Farm varieties such as the Gala, Fuji or Honeycrisp. The granny smith apple is a great storage apple. Keep them cool and under the right conditions, they can last up to a year!