Golden Delicious Apples

HISTORY OF THE Golden delicious apple

The Golden Delicious apple was discovered on the Mullins family farm in the early 1900s in Clay County West Virginia. Contrary to popular belief because of the word "Delicious" in its name, it is in no way related to the Red Delicious, though like the red, the Golden Delicious apple was purchased by Stark Brothers Nurseries, and in 1914, they introduced it commercially along side with the Red Delicious as companions.  While there is still debate on its origins, the Golden Delicious apple is thought to be a hybrid of the Golden Reinette and the Grimes Golden (though an Italian study in 2010 revealed over 57,000 genomes for this variety, making it one of the most highest gene fruits to date). Before it became the Golden Delicious, Anderson Mullins marketed it under the name of "Mullin's Yellow Seedling". 

ABOUT THE golden delicious APPLE

The Golden Delicious is usually yellow in color with thin skin and little specks. Sometimes it can produce a pinkish color to it if there is an early frost before the first harvest. Did you know that in 1995 the Golden Delicious because became the state apple in West Virginia?

FLAVOR OF A golden delicious APPLE

A Golden Delicious apple has a mild sweet flavor and is great for eating. While Pyne Farms makes its golden delicious apples available when they are still crisp, this type of apple is usually a bit more mushy than other apple varieties.

HOW TO USE YOUR golden delicious APPLES

The Golden Delicious apple can bruise easily, so storing the apple has to be handled with care. The most popular use of the Golden Delicious apple is for applesauce and apple butter.