Elliott Apples

HISTORY OF THE elliott apple

Elliott apples are unique to Utah. That's right! In 1980, Grant Elliott of Provo, Utah was plowing his orchard when he noticed an 8-inch sapling protruding from the ground. He decided at the time to place rocks around it to protect the new sapling and really did not give it much attention for a few years. Within 5 years, it was starting to produce blossoms and fruit, so he had a neighbor start the grafting process to a few trees and try the fruit. By 1991, it was time to to start sharing the tree with nurseries around the country. Pretty soon The Burchell Nursery in Oakdale California was selected to begin growing the trees for commercial sale. Since the Elliott apple is such a new variety, it is hard to say where it is headed, but if you ask anyone at Pyne Farms, it is one of the more popular apples at the markets each year. We really think we have a winner!


The Elliott appears to be a cross between the Golden Delicious and the Starking Delicious. The Elliott apple is a bright yellow color with a gorgeous pink blush over its shoulder, giving it an attractive look like no other apple. It has been said that the odds of creating a new apple variety is 1 in 100,000, so the Elliott apple is not only unique to the area, but is quite unique in its own right among apple trees world-wide. While this apple is so new, it is still questionable as to how popular this apple may become, though it has already proven to spread faster than the Golden Delicious. It is now common knowledge among Utah natives and is frequently asked for at the local farmers markets. Pyne Farms is one of the few apple farms in Utah to offer the Elliott apple for sale! 


Elliott apples are firm and crisp, and have a spicy, tart taste with a sweet undertone that make them very attractive and probably competitive with other apple varieties with a similar taste and likeness. 


So far the Elliott apples have proven to get better in storage because the skin is tough much like the Red Delicious apple. So keep them cool and dry and your Elliott apples will store well during the winter. Elliott apples are great in sauces, pies, and cider. They are also great to eat right form the tree. Do you have your favorite uses for Elliott apples that you would lie to share?